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Integrated Length and Straightness Inspection Machine

centuryIn this application, Haven was challenged with providing an inspection machine that would 100% measure automotive door impact beams for overall length and TIR straightness, using laser technology. The inspection would be done after a heat treating operation, which follows a Haven dual-blade shear cutoff and a Haven double end finisher. The operating program was designed to require minimal operator input for setup. Very simply, the operator enters the part length, upper and lower length limits and the acceptable distortion value. That’s it. The inspection process begins with an elevating conveyor, which accepts parts from the heat treat operation. The tubes are elevated to the entry height of the inspection machine and deposited onto a magazine rack; level controlled by high and low proximity switches. The tubes are then indexed into a rotating star wheel. Subsequent indexes move the tube into the first station, which measures distortion, and then the second station, which measures length. If both parameters are within tolerance, the tube rolls down the exit ramp and to the next operation. If the part fails a test, the tube is diverted down one of two reject chutes; sorted by type of rejection.

Haven’s ability to innovate electro-mechanical solutions that specifically address customer’s needs makes Haven a unique source in our industry. Haven consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers with our innovative tube processing solutions.

Check out the video

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Ultrasonic Testing for Oil and Gas Pipes


Did you know that Haven expanded its material handling and systems control knowledge into the oil and gas pipe testing market? This is another custom-designed material handling system we provide, setting us apart from others in the tube, pipe and bar industry.

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Announcing the retirement of our V.P. of Engineering and Systems Engineering Manager.

Zdenek Kuja, V.P. Engineering and Mike Hutchinson, Systems Engineering Manager are both retiring at the end of 2015.  Zdenek and Mike have been with Haven for 45 and 35 years, respectfully.  “You can’t replace experience like these two have accumulated over the years, but with a proactive succession plan, we hope to minimize the effects of the transition.”  All of Haven’s employees will miss Zdenek and Mike, but we wish them all the happiness in their retirements.

Read about their achievements at: About Us


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An Integrated Processing Line from Haven

mh-composed-integrated_proc-lineA Midwest air bag inflator company wanted to reduce costs by bringing in-house their tube cut-to-length and finishing operation. Haven worked with them from conceptual layout and process design to plant installation and start-up!

Haven coordinated all communications related to process requirements, machine specifications, safety specifications, and especially, quality assurance. The resultant integrated processing line included: Bundle Unloader – with part separation and pusher assembly that advanced the tube into an O.D. polishing unit; Polisher – removed the black oxide coating on the tube; Exit Conveyor – transferred the polished tube to the cutoff section; Cutoff Loading System – accumulated tubes from the polisher and indexed them into the cutoff machine; Model 620 Kleencut supported shear cutoff – ideal solution for cutting high yield strength air bag tubing with no material lose from the cut; Double End Finishing – Model #939 end finisher with I.D. and O.D. chamfer and end facing to a tight tolerance and capability spec; 100% Length Inspection – check every tube to a pre-programmed tolerance range; Transfer to Parts Washer – automatic indexing and transfer onto washer belt spindles. All of these operations were tied together with various material handling systems for continuous product flow.

Watch a video on this processing line here.

Haven Manufacturing can design and build a wide variety of material handling systems for the tube and bar markets. Let us work with you to develop the correct solution for your specific application!

Dual-Blade Shear Tube Cutting by Haven Manufacturing

Haven Manufacturing, the world leader in dual-blade shear cut-off technology, offers a series of products ideally suited to satisfy a wide variety of applications for metal tube cut-to-length processing. Haven’s unique Dual-Blade Shear Cut-Off machines are designed to automatically and rapidly cut round, square, and irregular-shaped tubing to precise lengths. Dual-blade shear cutting is a series of two mechanically synchronized steps, referred to as “nick and shear”. First, a horizontal “nick” blade shaves a flat groove across the top of the tube. Second, a vertical “shear” blade pierces this groove and shears through the tube. Additional operations include a loading system to supply new mill length tubes and a tube feeder system that advances the tube to a stop mechanism.

As dual-blade shear tube cutting is a two stage process, a mechanical link keeps the horizontal blade clear of the vertical blade. The horizontal cut removes approximately 50% of the tube wall thickness, preventing the downward force of the vertical cut from distorting the tube’s shape. Next, the vertical blade parts the tube by entering through the scarf on top and shears the tube clean. The tube wall is collapsed onto itself and the continuing downward pressure pushes the material until it clears the tube. This process yields minimal burr and, contrary to rotary saw cuts, leaves no metal filings that must be removed. Haven’s Dual-Blade Shear Control system utilizes internationally recognized machine control technologies and is easily set up and operated. The touch screen display and intuitive menus enable command execution and simple configuring.

Haven manufactures a full line of tube cutting and processing equipment. Our Dual-Blade Shear and Supported Shear technologies are globally recognized as the most reliable and efficient products on the market.

For more information, visit the Haven web site and view our Dual Blade Shear Video.

Haven Helps a Leading Exhaust Manufacturer

A leading Japanese/American exhaust manufacturer has chosen Haven to help them bring their tube cut-to-length production in-house. Until now, all of their tubes were supplied in finished lengths. Haven will supply them with (2) Model 873 dual-blade shear cutoffs, (2) Model 960 wire brush machines and (1) Model #939 end finisher. The customer values the experience Haven offers, to help them build the most efficient process possible.

Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff Video
Wire Brush Machine Video
End Finisher Video

Let’s talk about Supported Shear Process!

Did you know that theHaven KleenCut supported shear cutting technology is nearly burr-free, typically requiring no end-finishing, and with none of the material loss associated with saw systems? It has high throughput, which means it will cut up to 5,700 pieces per hour with cut length tolerance of +/-0.010 inch (+/- 0.25mm)!

As you know, the life of cutting tools varies with tube material and wall thickness. Consider that the KleenCut system offers outstanding tool cost with mild steel applications yielding over 150,000 cuts prior to re-sharpening. This innovative tool design allows up to 75 re-sharpenings, further lowering the cost per cut!

KleenCut has simple changeover. Conventional depth micrometers position the dies and punches to the cut centerline. Cut cylinder stroke is adjusted from the operator panel. The amount of stroke per cylinder and the distance the vertical cylinder travels before the horizontal cylinder fires are entered on the keypad. This gives tube manufacturers the ability to profitably accept smaller quantity orders. This flexibility increases new business but also helps retain current customers with smaller projects.

Haven’s products, like KleenCut machines, enjoy an international reputation for reliability and machine uptime. Combining reputation and fast service, Haven’s products have the highest availability in the industry with the lowest total cost of ownership.

To learn more about the Haven KleenCut™ Supported Shear, Tube Re-Cut Machine, visit our web site at: www.havencut.com/contact.php

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Integrated Brush De-Burr and Length Inspection

You don’t have to be in the automotive industry to be required to produce zero defect product. Tube manufacturers supply multiple markets and need to differentiate themselves from their competition. Offering 100% inspected product is one way to do that. Haven Manufacturing recognizes this need and offers a variety of solutions to our customers. Being flexible to new applications and open to new ideas, helps to set Haven apart from its competition. In this application, Haven was presented with the challenge of integrating 100% length inspection with a wire brush de-burring machine. Sounds simple, but the method by which tubes travel through and exit from a brush machine makes it difficult to control the flow of the tube and position it quickly and accurately for electronic length inspection. Combining synchronized transfer methods with electronic position detection, Haven constructed a machine that has an output capacity of up to 2500 pieces per hour. Although fast, there remains enough time to reject any part that does not meet the pre-programmed length tolerance, without pausing the process. If three parts in a row are rejected, the machine then stops as a warning to the operator that something is wrong in the process.

Haven’s ability to innovate electro-mechanical solutions that specifically address customer’s needs makes Haven a unique source in our industry. Haven customers meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with the help of Haven’s innovative tube processing solutions.

Contact us with your tube processing questions: http://www.havencut.com/contact-blog.php

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Haven Integrated Stacking/Packaging System

Reducing workplace injuries and increasing productivity is a common goal for all manufacturers. Haven Manufacturing is helping a leading Midwest tube producer achieve those goals by developing a 4-axis robotic packaging system and integrating it with a cut-to-length and brush de-burring line. What once required 3 or 4 people to operate a line, including manually packaging product, now takes one operator and one part-time material handler. The customer produces a wide range of conduit diameters from 1.0” to 4.50” and wall thickness from .049” to .237”. The equipment had to be flexible, reliable and user-friendly. The process begins with a Soco Model SA-115NC-CL2 sawing machine with automatic bundle loading and servo length control. Cut tubes are deposited onto a Haven built conveyor, which transfers and diverts the tube into a Haven Model #970 Wire Brush De-burring machine. As the tubes exit the brush machine, they are deposited onto a preparation table that orients them for pick-up by the packaging robot. The pickup head design is electro-magnet, with head motion of X, Y, Z and 90° rotation. Several packaging patterns are pre-programmed to allow for quick and easy changeover for diameter, length and container size. This particular application requires a material handler to forklift out the full container and replace it with an empty container. The container orientation is guided by a two-sided fixed locator with electronic position verification. The process cycle time allows enough time to exchange containers without delaying production. Haven also has the option of adding an automatic container egress and ingress conveyance system.

Results: Haven’s versatility is shown once again in our ability to innovate and produce reliable solutions for our customers. Haven is a full service turnkey equipment supplier to a wide variety of tubular applications for cut-to-length, finishing and material handling.

Contact Haven to see how they can improve your tube processing application: http://www.havencut.com/contact-blog.php

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Haven Combines Technologies to Solve Integration Challenge

A leading commercial fire sprinkler system company chose Haven Manufacturing to design and build a tube cutting and length inspection line that would integrate with their downstream threading process and with their factory ERP system. Being a liability sensitive industry, sprinkler systems are built to very stringent safety and production guidelines. A sprinkler system is made up of three primary components; header, down pipe and sprinkler head. In this application, the Haven Model 873 Servo dual-blade shear cutoff is cutting and inspecting for length accuracy prior to the down pipe entering the customers threading process.

For the whole case study go to Haven’s “Case Studies” web page at: http://www.havencut.com/case-studies.php under “Construction”.

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Revolutionary Shear Blade Coating for Stainless Steel Tube

Haven Manufacturing Corporation in cooperation with Tru-Cut Saw, Inc., is introducing a new cross-cut and shear blade coating that significantly improves blade life when cutting austenitic stainless steels.

The new nanocomposite PVD coating that Tru-Cut Saw, Brunswick, OH, is using to dramatically increase the life of circular saw blades, is now available for trial to Haven customers for their dual-blade shear blades. The new coating, called ViTA-Nano and developed by Tru-Cut’s ICO Surface Coatings Division, is a proprietary combination of titanium, aluminum, aluminum-titanium, chrome and silicon. Unlike multilayer coatings in which each material is deposited consecutively, with ViTA-Nano all cathodes in the PVD chamber are turned on at once. This reportedly results in a more cohesive, harder coating.

Contact Haven Manufacturing at 1-912-265-7536 or sales@havencut.com to ask about a trial sample for your application. Also, visit our website, www.havencut.com.

Haven Solves Tool Design for Unique Tubular Shape

One major advantage of Haven’s Dual-Blade shear cutoff technology is the ability to cut a variety of tubular shapes. Haven has been presented with many clamp die design challenges over the years, but none quite like this one. This asymmetrical figure-8 part is used in off-road recreational vehicles. The part could be circular saw cut, but due to high volume requirements, the customer would save a lot of money cutting it on their existing Haven Model #873 cutoff. Haven engineers were able to figure the correct point of entry for the shear blade, but knowing how all the remaining surfaces would shear was a challenge. At one angle, the top half of the part would shear properly, but the lower half was at risk of collapsing or deforming. Turn the part on another angle and the results could be the opposite. With the help of AutoDesk Inventor, the engineers were able to model a pre-determined shear path that had the best chance of succeeding.

The application required testing before the customer could commit to switching their production over to the Haven cutoff. Haven manufactured a set of production ready clamp dies for the test. With a few tweaks to the shear blade profile, the part sheared successfully, with no deformation and very little burr. The only charge to the customer was for the set of dies. Haven prides itself in being there for our customers. Their success is our success.

Contact Haven to see how they can improve your application output.

Visit Us at the Forge Fair Happening Today! Booth 322

The Forge Fair, April 14-16, is attended by hot and cold forge companies. They supply many industries, but predominantly auto, heavy truck and construction. Primarily solid bar applications. Haven is featuring the SOCO SA-115NC sawing machine. Capacity up to 4.5″ diameter, with automatic bundle loading system.

The SOCO SA-115NC sawing machine. http://www.haven-soco-saw.com/SA-70105NC.php

Wheatland Tube Purchases Integrated Tube Processing Machines

Wheatland Tube purchases an integrated Soco saw with a Haven brush machine – Wheatland produces heavy wall pipe fittings. The wall thickness is too heavy for a Haven cutoff, so Haven is integrating a Soco SA-115NC-U-CL2 sawing machine with a Haven Model 970 wire brush machine. In addition, Haven is integrating an automatic packaging system after the brush machine. This combination of equipment shows how versatile Haven can be for almost any tubular application.

More info at: http://www.haven-soco-saw.com/SA-70105NC.php

Tyco Fire chooses Haven for their cutoff and inspection requirements

Fire sprinkler manufacturing requires a highly automated system to efficiently produce sprinkler systems in the proper sequence for a given building design. With Haven’s Model 873 Servo controlled dual-blade shear cutoff, Tyco will be able to pre-program tube lengths in the sequence that will be installed in a building. If necessary, one length at a time will be cut and measured prior to entering Tyco’s threading machines, with no changeover time between length changes. This flexibility reduces TAKT time and lead time to completion. With Haven equipment, Tyco becomes very competitive in their industry.

Click here to watch the 873 Servo Dual Blade Shear Cutoff Video